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We Eliminate the Stress of Property Ownership

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Flexible & Affordable!

We are not as expensive as our rivals in the real estate business. Being focused towards offering budget-friendly services, we offer the most suitable pricing plans for all our clients, tailored as per their specific requirements – Partnering with Skybridge Property takes away all your burden!

Best Pricing With No Hidden Charges!

Skybridge Property offers affordable plans compared to competitors without compromising the quality of rental property management for clients.

Moreover, we promote honesty and therefore do not charge any hidden fees, offering all-inclusive pricing for our rental services. You will be charged with whatever you are told, no more or less. We actually do the real work by taking care of your investments and managing your property, making sure you get the best deal!

All-Inclusive Affordable Pricing Plans

You may fall for some property management companies offering lower pricing, but they usually have hidden charges, and you will regret choosing their services. However, this is not the case with Skybridge Property – We do not ask to pay the rock bottom price for basic services and extra charges later. Our prices are all-inclusive, so you will know what to pay and for what services!

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What Is Our Tenant Selection Fee?


If you are still confused, we will make it much easier for you to understand pricing as we break down the pricing of services with a detailed comparison to our competitors’ pricing. Let’s start with the tenant selection fee...

Tenant Selection Fee

Here is what one month’s rent includes:

Services Offered

Skybridge Property Group

A detailed assessment of rental value of property by professionals
Recommendations on how to increase the rental revenue
Provide a thorough rental market analysis
Ideal on-site assessment & rental consultation on how to manage your property for lease
Collaboration with on-site rental management office
Market and list the property lease with Zillow Premium Lister, MLS, Meta Platforms, Google, our website, etc.
Capturing images of the property in HD
Present showings including an open house (if applicable)
Pre-screening of all the rental candidates
A thorough background checks including a full credit and authentic bureau report
Draft property binding lease
All lease agreements drafted by California Association of Realtors including all the clauses to protect property owners
All applications must be approved by the landlord (applications denied by the landlord do not require a reason)
Detailed inventory of property showing its appliances/condition/heating & cooling systems, etc
Collect documents of utility connection, key deposit, tenant insurance and pre-authorized debit from the tenant before moving in (keys are not given until all conditions are fulfilled)

Property Management Services

Services Offered

Skybridge Property Group

Our Competitors

Inspections at the time of move in and out, both
Available for emergency calls 24/7 for tenants
Get monthly rent from the tenant’s account directly – included but prefer cheques
Processing eviction notices, entry notices and noise complaints with full cooperation.
Report of monthly and annual revenue and expense
Send rental revenue of the landlords directly to their bank accounts without delay
Regular scheduling of repairing and maintenance of the property
Wholesale pricing plans for property owners
List of licensed and experienced vendors
Providing best services at affordable pricing
Owners to receive 1099 Filing during Tax Season
Property Insurance Policy
PMT Clients benefit from our preferred rates for the following services: PMT Competitor
Property Insurance Policy
Accountant who specializes in investment properties
All PMT staff certified and trained in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act

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